Tyrone’s family is establishing a fund at his beloved Clemson University to honor his memory and continue his legacy. Please consider contributing whatever you can.

While some of the details are still being worked out, the goal is to create a scholarship fund for minority students at Clemson who need financial support to pursue a career in politics (for either party). This fund would provide a stipend or supplemental income for students who intern on campaigns, on the Hill, or at other political institutions.

Tyrone believed passionately that minorities, particularly African Americans, are underrepresented in the Democratic Party apparatus and infrastructure. He attributed this to the fact that, in his line of work, you often have to start out in an unpaid internship or severely low-paying job. That’s a path that many young people can’t afford to choose. Through this fund, young Clemson students won’t have to make a choice between a career they are passionate about and paying rent and putting food on the table. Tyrone’s legacy will make it possible for them to do both.