Tyrone Gayle Scholars Program At Clemson University

To honor Tyrone and continue his profound legacy, Tyrone’s family established the Tyrone Gayle Scholars program at Clemson University in spring 2019. Please consider donating to the program here.

Each year, two students from under-represented communities will be selected as Tyrone Gayle Scholars. These students will receive a $3,500 stipend to pursue a summer internship in a political field - whether that be on a campaign, on the Hill, at an advocacy organization, etc. In addition to the stipend, these students will be matched with a number of different mentors from the #GayleNation network. Tyrone placed a major premium on mentorship, and built an impressive network as a result.

Our hope is to identify bright and motivated students who might not have been able to do a summer internship without this fund. As Tyrone’s wife, Beth, shared at his memorial service, Tyrone was passionate about creating more opportunities for African-Americans students in the political world. He often talked about how the reliance on unpaid or low-paid internships to get a start in this world can handicap some of these students right at the start of their careers. Until this changes, representation in the field won’t change.

Tyrone’s family needs to raise a significant amount of money to ensure this fund lasts the life of Clemson University. Please join us in a being a part of Tyrone’s legacy.